Vietnam may export pork to Russia

(MARD - 14/10/2014) Russian experts will come to Vietnam to check pig farms interested in supplying pork products to the Russian market. In addition, the experts will investigate a number of seafood processing plants.

Pig prices are lower than neighboring countries

(Mard - 24/4/2013) - According to the Department of Livestock Husbandry, Vietnamese pig prices are 4-8 million dong per ton lower than other neighboring countries. Specifically in Thailand pig price at 42-43 million dong per ton, China 46 million dong per ton, in Philippines 47 million dong per ton, meanwhile these figures in Vietnam are ranging between 38-39 million dong per ton.

In Q1, national poultry heads fell 2-3%

(Mard - 11/04/2013) - Only in the first quarter of this year, the poultry heads declined 2-3%. This is the official figure issued by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on April, 9th. The main reason is because the surplus supplies, lower prices and limited consumption.

Nation targets high-quality meat products, added value

(MARD - 10/04/2013) Viet Nam has gradually restructured its livestock industry towards turning out high-quality products, with high added value to ensure sustainable development.

VN meat industry urged to modernise

(MARD - 26/03/2013) The Vietnamese government is pushing to reform and modernise its meat-processing industry, experts have said.

Nation to crack down on poultry smuggling

(MARD - 07/03/2013) Viet Nam seeks to end poultry smuggling by 2014, according to Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan.

Officials claim cattle, poultry epidemics under control

(Mard - 24/01/2012)- For the first time ever, not a single locality has reported disease epidemics among cattle or poultry, said Pham Van Dong, head of the Ministry's Department of Animal Health, at a meeting of the national steering committee for bird flu prevention yesterday.

Industrial chicken prices rise again

(Mard - 29/11/2012) - After a long time of low prices, the prices of industrial chickens (with white hair) bounced back. Chicken breeders said, the farm-gate price of chicken on 25/11 is 30,500 VND per kilogram, an increase of 10,000 VND per kilo compared with the two weeks ago.

No need to import meat due to the large stock

(Mard - 27/11/2012)- On 26/11, Dong Nai Livestock Association and Animal Husbandry Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) held a forum with farmers to find solutions for these difficulties in the current period.

Meat imports could rise for Tet

(Mard - 13/11/2012) - The livestock industry is seeking ways to ensure a sufficient volume of meat for next year's Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday, as stock has fallen this year, according to the Livestock Department.