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Nearly 2,500 pigs were imported via the Lao Bao Border Gate in the central province of Quang Tri on Tuesday night. The pigs were imported from Thailand to supplement the domestic market's supply and repopulate herds.

Le Đinh Hue, deputy director of Region 3 Animal Health Division under the Department of Animal Health, said the quarantine of imported live pigs from Thailand was strictly controlled to prevent disease and ensure food safety.

The pigs were assessed by the Department of Animal Health for disease and food safety before being imported, said Hue.

They were also tested for diseases before arriving in Vietnam and then clinically checked and placed in isolation areas for monitoring and sampling when arriving in the country to ensure food safety, he added.

Region 3 Animal Health Division said the Lao Bao Border Gate has carried out import procedures for nearly 5,800 gilts and more than 3,800 hogs.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development reported that enterprises had imported some 90,000 tonnes of pork since the beginning of the year to ensure the supply of pork for the domestic market.

Experts said the solutions deployed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development not only helped to reduce the price of pork in the market but also gradually met the supply of breeding pigs for the future.