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In 2022, Dong Thap province strives to bring 100% of OCOP products that meet the 3-star criteria on the e-commerce platforms and

Dong Thap's OCOP products are sold at

The People's Committee of Dong Thap province has just issued Plan No194 to support agricultural production households to join the e-commerce platform, promote the development of the agricultural and rural digital economy, and promote the development of specific agricultural products according to the regulations on OCOP program in 2022.
Specifically, in 2022, Dong Thap strives for 100% of OCOP products that meet the province's 3-star criteria to be listed on the e-commerce platforms and At the same time, digitize 100% of agricultural production household information for transactions and business on e-commerce platforms. In addition, 100% of agricultural products on the e-commerce floor have full information on product origin; strive to have at least 200 agricultural production households join the e-commerce platform, etc.
Dong Thap Provincial People's Committee collects and builds a list, digitizes agricultural production household data, as well as identifies products and information for sale on e-commerce platforms.
At the same time, organize training and guide agricultural production households to create accounts, post products for sale on e-commerce platforms, along with necessary skills to sell and promote products on the digital platform; accompanying and supporting agricultural production households to continuously upgrade and build brands for local products; carry out marketing and retail advertising of agricultural products through domestic and international e-commerce platforms through trade promotion programs...
Notably, the People's Committee of Dong Thap province assigned the Department of Industry and Trade to connect the market and support agricultural production households to boost the consumption of agricultural products; provide information to export businesses in the province to study and join the appropriate e-commerce floor.
Along with that, supporting businesses, especially those with potential to export agricultural products, to put their products on international e-commerce exchanges, thereby promoting agricultural exports through the model of "Cross-border e-commerce”.
In addition, Dong Thap Department of Industry and Trade provides information on the consumption market for agricultural production households to orient production to meet market demand. At the same time, appoint key staff to coordinate with relevant departments, agencies and e-commerce platforms to implement the plan.