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Project: Mekong Delta Integrated Climate Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods (MD-ICRSL)


No. The Sub - Project Report

Subproject 1: addressing coastal and riverbank erosion in mekong delta

2 Improving the Ability of Flood Drainage and Developing Stable Livelihoods, Climate Change Adaptation In The Plain Of Reed (the Northern Districts Of Dong Thap Province) (final vesion approved by the WB on 22 May 2019)

Investment in infrastructure construction serving for production conversion appropriate to ecological condition, livelihood improvement, adaption to climate change in Cu Lao Dung


Infrastructure to prevent coastal erosion, supply fresh water and for production of shrimp - forest model to improve livelihoods and adapting to climate change in the coastal area of Ca Mau province


Sub-Project 10: Building infrastructure for forest protection and development, livelihood enhancement and climate change adaptation in Hoa Binh, Dong Hai district and Bac Lieu