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On November 23th, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Russian Embassy in Vietnam, the Vietnamese Embassy in the Russian Federation co-chaired and organized the event.

Deputy Minister Tran Thanh Nam gave speech at "Online forum to promote trade cooperation in agricultural and fishery products between Vietnam and the Russian Federation"

"Online forum to promote trade cooperation in agricultural and fishery products between Vietnam and the Russian Federation". At the Vietnam bridgehead, Deputy Minister Tran Thanh Nam presided over with the participation of leaders of relevant units. This is a meaningful activity to promote cooperative relations in the agricultural sector and celebrate the high-level official state visit of President Nguyen Xuan Phuc to Russia.

The forum was organized with the aim of connecting businesses of the two countries closer together, promoting trade and increasing agricultural turnover, towards the goal of a total turnover of 10 billion USD that the leaders of the two countries are striving for fight. In the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic in many countries around the world, the organization of a forum to connect trade between Vietnam and Russia is a great effort of both sides.

Deputy Minister of Agricultue of the Russian Federation, Mr. Sergey Levin gave speech at the online forum from Moscow 

In 2020, Vietnam's export turnover in general will still reach 544 billion USD, of which agricultural product exports will reach 41.2 billion USD in the first 10 months of 2021, the turnover will reach about 38.76 billion USD, up 13.1% over the same period in 2020. This can be said to be a miracle and an unexpected success, achieving the dual goal of "fighting the epidemic and developing the economy" and making Vietnam second in Southeast Asia and 16 in the world by export value of agricultural, forestry and fishery products.

Speaking at the opening of the Forum, Deputy Minister Tran Thanh Nam said that Vietnam currently holds the No.1 position in trade turnover with the Russian Federation among Southeast Asian countries and is a leading trading partner. 6th of Russia in the Asia-Pacific region. Trade turnover between Vietnam and Russia in the 2018-2020 period is about 4.5 billion USD/year, of which agricultural products account for about 18-20%, equivalent to 900 million USD/year. This number compared to the economic potential and long-standing political relations between the two countries can be said to be still quite modest. "The two sides need to direct more strongly to take advantage of comparative advantages and strong products, and especially turn challenges into opportunities in the current new normal," emphasized the Deputy Minister.

Deputy Minister Tran Thanh Nam suggested that the Governments of the two countries continue to direct and create conditions to open up more agricultural products for the two countries to export to each other. Specifically, Russia has strengths in wheat, fertilizer, meat, milk and Vietnam has seafood, fruit, coffee, pepper,...; towards mutual recognition to reduce barriers (for meat and fishery products) and to reduce the time to review each business in both the fisheries and livestock sectors. In addition, businesses of both sides need to pay attention and take advantage of the Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the Eurasian Economic Union (AEAU) with Russia as an important member, because under this Agreement a lot of goods are sold. Agricultural products of both sides enjoy preferential tax rates.

From the bridgehead of Moscow, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Mr. Sergey Levin especially thanked the supervisory agencies of the two countries, namely the Russian Agricultural Product Supervision Department and the Department of Animal Health and Plant Protection Department of the Russian Federation. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on effective interaction and good coordination in work, thanks to which more than 90 Russian enterprises have access to supply their products to the Vietnamese market.

Deputy Agriculture Minister of Russia said that it is necessary to promote the establishment of business relations between Vietnam and Russia in the field of agriculture and fishery. In addition, it is necessary to focus on cooperation in the supply of meat, fish, grease, vegetables, animal feed and organic fertilizers. He would like to suggest that business representatives pay more attention to the organization of exhibitions, online forums and active participation in such events.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Dang Minh Khoi affirmed that the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia is always ready to coordinate with the Ministry of Agriculture of the two countries to remove difficulties and obstacles in bilateral trade in agricultural products. , Seafood; help exchange, find solutions to promote trade and investment cooperation; provide information on the market, support connection and cooperation between businesses,...

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Vietnam, Mr. Genady Stepanivich Bezdetko also noted the growing interest of Russian and Vietnamese companies in the development of bilateral trade, as well as the growing interest in events. online events like today.

Closing the forum, Deputy Minister Tran Thanh Nam hoped that trade organizations and industry associations would take advantage of the opportunities and opportunities offered by this forum to exchange information about difficulties, problems, and experiences. experience in import and export of agricultural and aquatic products and propose solutions to boost trade cooperation between the two sides./.