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(Mard-08/8/2012)- On 7th August 2012, in Hanoi, Committee on Science, Technology and Environment of the National Assembly and the United Nations Development Program in Vietnam (UNDP) jointly held a workshop on Law project on disaster preparedness and prevention.

At the conference, many discussion and comments about the name, the scope of the law; the state policies and responsibilities of organizations and individuals related to natural disasters prevention were given out.
In the opinion of Mr.Nguyen Xuan Dieu, Deputy Director of Directorate of Water Management (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), the current legal system of disaster prevention has revealed some shortcomings, such as no general adjustment laws of natural disasters, new regulations mainly related to water resource… Mr Dieu hoped that the newly-set law on disaster prevention and preparedness would overcome the above shortcomings.
Commenting on the specific issue of the law, the representative of the Ha Giang Agriculture and Rural Development Department added specialized agencies should be established under the people’s committee of the provinces. In addition, each province should set up a well-equipped and professional search and rescue team
Same comment on the specific content of the bills, Mr.Pham Dinh Hoa, head of the Administration Office of Quang Ninh Disaster Preparedness and Prevention, Search and Rescue Committee said the most importance of this issue was awareness of each individual. Therefore, peoples should be educated from the time they started school.