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According to the Office for Coordination of the New Rural Development Program in Hanoi, in 2021, Hanoi has 541 products of 26 district-level units registered to participate in the OCOP Program. Up to now, two districts have evaluated and classified OCOP products for the first time in 2021, Hoai Duc and Quoc Oai, the products participating in the evaluation and classification have all achieved 3 stars and 4 stars, no products are not qualified.

With the drastic direction of the City Party Committee, People's Council, City People's Committee, city departments, branches, People's Committees of districts, towns and consulting units, the synchronous participation of the People, until now, Ha Noi has evaluated, classified and decided to recognize 1,054 products, exceeding the city's delivery plan, of which there are 17 potential 5-star products (accounting for 1.6%), 731 of 4-star products (accounting for 69.4%), 306 of 3-star products (accounting for 29%), of 72 enterprises, 82 cooperatives and 101 business households, dealing with over 5,000 workers in rural areas. Out of a total of 1,054 recognized OCOP products, there are 686 food products (accounting for 65.1%), 35 beverages (accounting for 3.2%), 7 herbal products (accounting for 0.7%). Fabrics and garments 27 products (accounting for 2.6%), souvenirs, furniture and decorations 299 products (accounting for 28.4%). Over the years, Hanoi's OCOP program has attracted the participation and development of 72 enterprises, 82 cooperatives and 101 business households. The spillover effect of the OCOP Program has helped create jobs for over 5,000 workers in rural areas.

In recent years, Hanoi's OCOP products have confirmed their position and position in the market, many association and product sales contracts have been signed; Packaging, design, product quality are valued by the subjects. OCOP products have really brought the trust of domestic and international consumers.

On June 30, 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a Decision approving the results of assessment and product classification of the National One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program, of which, Hanoi has 4 OCOP's 5-star products include: Red lotus ceramic dish set, lotus swallow bird ceramic dish set, dragon phoenix ceramic dish set, and lotus swallow bird ceramic tea set. All 4 of these 5-star OCOP products are manufactured by Quang Vinh Ceramics Company Limited (Gia Lam District).

With the above results, Hanoi is the leading locality in the country in terms of the number of products meeting OCOP standards. Hanoi sets a target in the 2021-2025 period to have 2,000 more OCOP products certified with 3 stars or more; Each district and town can build at least 1 center for designing, creating, introducing, promoting and selling OCOP products, craft villages associated with tourism./