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On September 30, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held a conference to implement the action plan for the National Strategy on Green Growth for the 2021-2030 period.

At the conference, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan said that Vietnam’s agriculture is facing three variables, namely market fluctuations, climate change, and changes in consumption trends in the world. . Green growth is the way for agriculture to adapt to those three variables. In order to switch to green agriculture, it is necessary to change the perception of farmers, organizations, cooperatives, residential communities... along with the participation of the whole system of industries and international organizations, industry associations for join hands to form a green ecosystem.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is developing a set of indicators to measure the results of the implementation of the Strategy for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development. Among them, there are environmental and green growth indicators. The agricultural sector has set a target that the proportion of organic fertilizer products in the total fertilizer products produced and consumed will reach over 30%; the number of biological plant protection drugs on the list of pesticides permitted to be used to over 30%; at least 30% of the total irrigated dry crop area shall apply advanced and water-saving irrigation methods.

The percentage of organic livestock products is about 2-3% of the total livestock products produced in the country. At the same time, the Ministry enhances application of good agricultural production practices to improve quality, added value, competitiveness and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural sector. New-style rural areas ensure to meet green and sustainable growth goals; forming a lifestyle in harmony with the environment and nature, protecting and developing the landscape, green, clean, beautiful and civilized environment.