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Niras Finland Oy, part of Niras Group, provides expertise in forestry, natural resources management, rural development, environmental management and sustainable energy. Niras Finland has operated in Vietnam for the past 12 years and has a strong presence in Southeast Asia.
Niras Finland Oy as a lead consultant, in collaboration with GFA and Green Field consulting, provides technical assistance services for the Development of Management Information System for Forestry Sector (FORMIS) project. FORMIS is implemented by the Directorate of Forestry under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) of Vietnam. The project is financed by the Government of Finland, the Trust Fund for Forests (TFF) and the Government of Vietnam. The total budget of the project is EUR 4.4M (Finland EUR 2.2M, TFF EUR 1.8M and GoV EUR 0.4M). FORMIS supports MARD in sector-wide forest governance and management through developing a modern information system from central to local level, in order to provide accurate information for decision making for forestry sector at all levels. The project works at national level and in three target provinces: Thanh Hoá, Thua Thiên Hué, and Quang Ninh.
Niras Finland Oy now calls for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the Supply of (1) FORMIS Platform and (2) FORMIS Portal, described briefly below.
(1) FORMIS Platform: The platform acts as a hub for getting existing and new software applications to work together to produce reliable, valuable and unified information. The platform must support at least the following objectives:
- To address the integration issues of the existing resources
- To make new systems easily integrated and interoperable
- To make the resources electronically accessible and shareable in a secured and controlled manner
- To orchestrate IT resources in order to maximize the resource usage, create business values and quickly adapt to new business needs
(2) FORMIS Portal: The portal acts as a primary information delivery channel. The FORMIS portal must support at least the following objectives:
- Single access point to IT resources
- Information dissemination to the right users in a timely manner.
Tentative timeline for the assignment: Platform (approx. 3 months), Portal (approx. 1 year). The EOIs should include:
(1) Clear indication of whether the expression of interest is for the portal, the platform or both.
(2) Concise description of the company/institution’s relevant experience,
(3) Relevant clients over the past years
(4) References of relevant projects during the past 5 years
(5) Availability
(6) CVs of relevant team members
(7) Company Capability Profile and legal documents
For inquiries on the project, the assignment and the selection process, please contact Dr. Ha Hai Nam (, Tel. +84 9166 34567). Deadline for EOI submission is 1 November 2010. The EOIs should be delivered to FORMIS Office, No 340 Bach Dang Str., Hanoi, Vietnam (Attn. Ms. La Phuong Thao, Only selected providers will be invited for the next bidding stage.