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On November 9, at Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Hanoi, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in collaboration with Hanoi People's Committee held the opening ceremony of the 2023 Vietnam Craft Village Conservation and Development Festival.

Delegates perform the opening ceremony of Vietnam Craft Village Conservation and Development Festival 2023

Before the opening ceremony, National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue led a high-level delegation of the Party and State, leaders of ministries and offices in an incense offering ceremony at Kinh Thien Palace and visited display spaces to introduce craft village products and typical OCOP products.

For the first time, Vietnam Craft Village Conservation and Development Festival 2023 is being organized to preserve, preserve, recreate and promote the identity of the nation's traditional cultural values, forming contemporary cultural features. of Vietnamese craft villages, taking the craft villages of Hanoi city as the center to spread to other localities. Thereby creating an environment to exchange and exchange experiences and knowledge in producing and trading craft village products; honor artisans, skilled workers, and workers in craft villages; promote and introduce traditional craft villages and craft streets in Hanoi city and the whole country; Step by step promote consumption, increase product value and develop tourism in craft villages.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister Le Minh Hoan emotionally said that the Festival chose the venue at Thang Long Imperial Citadel, a relic complex that holds golden marks with many exquisite masterpiece. The presence of Chairman of National Assembly and leaders of national, central and local agencies demonstrates the Party and State's concern for the sustainable development of craft villages associated with rural economy.

Talent crystallizes into the value of traditional Vietnamese handicraft villages spanning thousands of years of development history. The skillful hands and creative minds of generations of artisans and skilled workers have diligently breathed life into unique and delicate works that convey the cultural heritage and traditional beauty of the community and ethnic groups. It is applicable, approachable, and highly aesthetic and artistic.

Minister Le Minh Hoan emphasized: Handicraft works and craft villages are the quintessence when indigenous resources are crystallized into cultural values rich in the identity of each country and people. Thousands of rural craft villages spread across the country, national intangible cultural heritages of traditional crafts have contributed great economic, cultural and social value.

In the coming time, MARD commits to continue to coordinate with local ministries and branches to create favorable conditions for artisans, skilled workers, and handicraft designers to stick with the profession and craft villages to spread positive values to the community, jointly preserve and promote values of traditional handicraft villages, contribute to the program of building new rural areas, developing rural economy, improving the quality of life in the community rural residents.

"I believe that the team of artisans, skilled workers, Vietnamese handicraft designers and each of us, especially the younger generation, will always be confident and proud to find, take care of, and create valuable values. Endless value from diverse indigenous resources, unique social and cultural identities, with skillful hands, creativity, and delicate feelings, we definitely do not let others help us, we have the responsibility to responsibility to make Vietnamese profession and Vietnamese quintessence fly high and far...", Minister Le Minh Hoan reminded.