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The Agricultural Fair and OCOP product exhibition in the northern midland and mountainous region opens

On November 6, at the Cultural Center of Cao Phong district (Hoa Binh), the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hoa Binh province in coordination with the People's Committee of Cao Phong district holds the Opening ceremony of “Agricultural Fair and OCOP product exhibition in the central region. Northern mountainous region - Cao Phong orange week 2020”.

In the Fair, there are about 200 booths showing key agricultural specialties, products under the OCOP program of localities in Hoa Binh province and the northern mountainous provinces.

Currently, Hoa Binh province has 27 products that have been recognized OCOP products, of which, there are a number of products favored by consumers such as: Viba banana, fresh fermented orange juice, orange juice, whole fresh chicken... Hoa Binh currently has nearly 12,000 hectares of citrus fruit area with output of about 19.4 thousand tons. Cao Phong district alone has more than 3,000 hectares of oranges and tangerines.

The Fair aims at promoting the development of agricultural products in general, citrus fruit trees of Hoa Binh province in particular.

The Fair takes place from November 6 to 11, 2020.