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Despite facing both favorable and challenging conditions, the Agriculture sector implemented its plan for 2023. With unified awareness and action and a strong transition from production-oriented thinking to agricultural economic thinking, moving from single-sector development to collaboration and diversified development, promoting the integration of multiple values in agro-aquatic products, and transitioning from agricultural supply chains to developing industry-specific chains in line with the directions outlined in the "Three Agriculture" resolution and the Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy, efforts were made to adhere to the motto “Unity, Determination, Flexibility, Innovation, Timely Efficiency.” As a result, the entire sector achieved many positive outcomes.

The overall GDP growth of the agricultural sector reached 3.83%, the highest in recent years, contributing significantly to the overall economic growth of 5.05% (with agriculture increasing by 3.88%, fisheries by 3.71%, and forestry by 3.74%).

Agriculture continues to assert its crucial position as the backbone of the economy, ensuring food security, contributing significantly to the economic balance, and playing a role in stabilizing the macroeconomy. Key achievements include rice production reaching 43.5 million tons, a 1.9% increase, with a yield of 61 tons per hectare, a 1-ton per hectare increase. Pork production reached 7.79 million tons, showing a 6.38% increase, while fisheries production reached 9.32 million tons, a 2.3% increase. Timber extraction also reached 20.84 million cubic meters, marking a 2.8% increase.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh acknowledged and highly praised the achievements of the Agriculture sector, recognizing its contribution to the overall achievements of the country in 2023. The Agriculture sector successfully shifted from being passive and surprised to being proactive, confident, timely, and innovative in overcoming difficulties and challenges. It transformed from a defensive stance to a breakthrough offensive in certain sectors such as vegetables, fruits, rice, and some industrial crops, setting new records. The sector experienced a fruitful year with high yields in various areas, and the position and role of Vietnam's Agriculture sector were increasingly affirmed.