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With the desire to revive the livestock industry heavily affected by African swine fever, a high-level delegation of the Dominican Republic visited Vietnam and had a working session with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to learn about epidemic control experience and question the import of ASF vaccine from Vietnam.

The delegation was led by Mr. Mejia Abreu Jose Miguel, MIU Party General Secretary and also Minister of Regional Integration Policy.

Vietnam and the Dominican Republic established diplomatic relations in 2005, but in the agricultural sector, the two sides have not yet established a direct communication channel, so there is no legal cooperation and official discussion. In 2022, the Dominican Republic appointed His Excellency Haime Foranzico Rodriget as its first ambassador to Vietnam. The opening of the Embassy in Vietnam is a good opportunity for the two sides to meet to promote cooperation in general and agriculture in particular, especially to find out specific needs and promote trade in agricultural products in a complementary direction and not direct competition.
Deputy Minister Phung Duc Tien shared that Vietnam has experienced many important animal diseases such as avian influenza, blue ear disease in pigs, foot-and-mouth disease, skin rash in cattle and AFS since 2019, Vietnam has culled 9 million pigs. However, Vietnam has controlled this epidemic within just over a year. Avian flu, blue ear disease and dermatitis have been vaccinated, and the rate of animals getting sick has been very low. In order to control the AFS epidemic, the first factor to pay attention to is biosecurity and successful research into vaccines with high protection, lasting results. There should be legal regulations on biosecurity for businesses, livestock farms and farmers. Biosecurity solutions have helped to cut off the sources of infection from the intermediate host and the transmission routes of the virus.

Deputy Minister Phung Duc Tien shared that Vietnam has controlled this epidemic within just over a year

Regarding the second factor is the vaccine, Mr. Tran Xuan Hanh, father of Vietnam's AFS vaccine, Deputy General Director of Navetco Company shared, the vaccine production project is the result of scientific cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam. with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In May 2022, representatives of US scientists issued a document confirming that the research results and quality assessment of Navetco's AFS vaccine were consistent with the results of the US scientists perform. The results of research and production of AFS vaccine of Navetco Company have been published in 2 prestigious scientific journals of the world and the Journal of Veterinary Science and Technology of Vietnam. On that basis, MARD issued the Certificate of Circulation of NAVET-ASFVAC vaccine of Navetco Company on May 18, 2022, and organized the quality supervision of 10 consecutively produced vaccine batches and organize the supervision of the use of vaccines according to 02 phases of use in a narrow scale and consider the use on a national scale.
Currently, Navetco Company, in collaboration with the local Department of Animal Health, is conducting supervised vaccination at livestock farms of 22 provinces, cities, 112 farms and households with initial results showing the rate of vaccination. protection rate reached 97.7% by serological method.

Mr. Mejia Abreu Jose Miguel, MIU Party General Secretary and also Minister of Regional Integration Policy

Mr. Migel Mehia expressed his wish that Vietnam would share its epidemic control experience and raised the issue of importing Vietnam's AFS vaccine, in the context that the Dominican Republic was going through a difficult time. difficulties caused by the CP and greatly affected the domestic livestock industry and forced the Government to launch credit packages to support businesses.
On this occasion, the General Secretary of the MIU Party mentioned the study of the virus strains that Vietnam's vaccines use to control ASF. He also hoped that after this meeting, the Ministry of Agriculture of the two countries would have a direct exchange to send technicians to support the implementation of mass vaccination in the Dominican Republic.
According to Mr. Hanh, after obtaining the license to produce and circulate the vaccine, the vaccine will be administered and tested under supervision. Currently, the number of pigs in the age group allowed to be vaccinated has given good results, and the effectiveness is evaluated in laboratory conditions when performing a virulence attack against a virus strain isolated in Vietnam, the protection rate is 99.2. %, by serological method, the protection rate reached 97.7%.
Navetco Company is committed to the ability to supply vaccines to the Dominican Republic as well as to appoint experts to implement vaccination projects in your country. However, on the basis of cooperation between the two sides, the initial phase of testing and evaluation will be carried out, the next stage is to widely deploy injection according to your country's conditions. The minimum time to produce the vaccine and export to your country is 60 days./.