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According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the country’s rice output in 2021 reached over 43.86 million tons, up 1.1 million tons compared to 2020.

Although the cultivated area decreased by about 39,700 ha, the yield increased by nearly 1.9 quintals/ha compared to 2020 to fully meet the demand for domestic consumption, processing, use as animal feed and export.

Rice production continues the trend of increasing the rate of using high quality rice varieties to over 77% to enhance the value of “Vietnamese rice grain brand”.

The proportion of high-quality rice accounts for over 89% of exported rice, which has contributed to raising the average export price of rice from 496 USD/ton in 2020 to over 503 USD/ton in 2021. It is forecasted that rice exports in 2021 reach over 3.27 billion USD.

With many other food crops, there was a decrease in both area and output. Typically, maize had 902,300ha, down 4.24% and output was 4.43 million tons, down 2.8%; peanuts had 160,000 ha, down 5.7% and output 416,000 tons, down 2.2%; soybean had 36,000 hectares, down 13.4% and production reached 57,600 tons, down 11.9%. Cassava alone increased by 5,500 ha, reaching 530,000 ha and the output was over 10.6 million tons, up 1.9%.

In 2022, the agriculture and rural development sector sets a target of 48.3 million tons of grain food production.

Particularly for rice, the cultivated area is from 7.2-7.3 million hectares, with intensive farming to increase productivity to reach an output of 43-43.9 million tons; maize production of 880 thousand ha; sweet potato of 105,000ha; cassava of 530,000 ha...