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On January 30, in Hanoi, Deputy Minister Hoang Trung had a meeting and working session with Mr. Tony Harman - Agricultural Counselor of the Australian Embassy in Vietnam.

Agricultural Counselor Tony Harman said that Vietnam is the only country where Australia has a market access relationship between two agricultural products at the same time. Agricultural trade cooperation between the two countries has nearly doubled in the past two years, with a turnover of about 6.5 billion AUD. Vietnam is Australia's second largest trading partner after China in exporting agricultural products.

According to Mr. Tony Harman, the opening of agricultural product markets between the two countries has shown many good signs thanks to the effective coordination of technical staff from both sides. He hopes that the two countries will reach a joint statement at the ministerial meeting in Australia in the near future, further promoting the cooperative relationship between the two sides.

Regarding the contents related to the joint statement of the two countries' agricultural ministers, Mr. Tony Harman also informed about the results of the recent inspection and evaluation trip to Toan Phat irradiation facility by the Australian delegation. Accordingly, the Embassy hopes to soon receive an official letter from the Australian Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Environment and transfer it to Vietnam regarding the approval of Toan Phat irradiation facility, which is allowed to irradiate fresh products. Exported from Vietnam to Australia, fruits include mango, dragon fruit, lychee and longan.

Deputy Minister Hoang Trung and Mr. Tony Harman at the meeting

In addition, Australia will donate electron microscopes to Vietnam, to help Vietnam improve its ability to diagnose pest images. The Australian side will work closely with Vietnamese officials. It is expected that the donation and training will involve the participation of two Australian Doctors - people with experience in nematodes.

Regarding Australian honey exported to Vietnam, the Australian side has worked with the Department of Animal Health and is currently in the process of drafting a certificate related to quarantine for Australian honey products exported to Vietnam.

The Australian side is also in the process of completing market access for the first product for the method of accessing two products at the same time, Vietnamese passion fruit and Australian plum. The Australian side has completed the technical documents for plums and Mr. Harman also hopes that the Plant Protection Department can combine the delegation's business trip to look at plums, moving forward to open the market for Australian fruits. both sides.

Mr. Tony Harman said that promoting technical work in the upcoming joint statement between the two Ministers on Vietnamese passion fruit products, Australian plums, approval of Toan Phat irradiation facility and donation of microscopes will These are elements that demonstrate effective agricultural cooperation between the two countries.

Deputy Minister Hoang Trung agreed with the proposals of the Australian Agricultural Counselor. The Deputy Minister highly appreciated the recent cooperation in the field of agriculture between the two Ministries in particular and the two countries in general. Many meaningful agricultural engineering projects in Vietnam receive financial support and consulting experts from Australia.

With such good cooperation directions, Mr Trung hopes that in the coming years, the two sides will continue to open more doors for agricultural products between the two sides, in order to complement each other to further promote agricultural trade. two-way.

Regarding Australian plums and Vietnamese passion fruits, Mr Trung suggested that Australia soon complete a passion fruit pest analysis report with Vietnam. In contrast, MARD directed Department of Plant Protection to quickly complete pest assessment procedures and send them to Australia. The two sides will actively discuss to complete import requirements. Department of Plant Protection's upcoming business trip will combine physical inspection to soon include the two fruits in the joint statement during the Minister Le Minh Hoan's visit.

For exporting Australian honey to Vietnam, MARD will direct units such as Department of Plant Protection and businesses to immediately complete all technical requirements from your side to include in the declaration.