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On March 20th, in Hanoi, Deputy Minister Nguyen Quoc Tri had a working session with Minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Mr. Marek Výborný. The two sides discussed cooperation activities in the coming time.

At the meeting, Mr. Marek Výborný stated: In the past time, Vietnam and the Czech Republic have had a good cooperative relationship, regularly exchanging high-level delegations. The Czech Republic truly desires to further promote extensive and effective cooperation in the field of agriculture. During the previous visit, both sides agreed to enhance cooperation, as reflected in the joint statement on elevating the relationship between the two countries to the level of strategic partners.

According to Mr. Marek Výborný, the two sides can cooperate in many areas such as food technology, water resource management, and agricultural education and training. Mr. Marek Výborný expressed his hope that the Vietnamese government would create conditions for businesses from both countries to connect and cooperate effectively.

The EU has issued new regulations on products not causing deforestation (EUDR). Deputy Minister Nguyen Quoc Tri expressed: Vietnam supports these regulations, however, Vietnam needs a clear roadmap. Vietnam has also developed a plan to adapt to these new EU regulations. It is hoped that the Czech Republic and the EU will provide additional information and support to Vietnam in implementing the plan.

Vietnam and the EU have signed the Voluntary Partnership Agreement to implement forest law enforcement, governance, and trade (VPA/FLEGT) and are currently in the process of implementation. Deputy Minister Nguyen Quoc Tri hopes that the Czech Republic will enhance cooperation in implementing the signed agreement and create conditions for businesses from both countries to operate in accordance with the current legal regulations of both sides.