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In response to the EC’s recommendations, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and localities quickly made remedial measures. Licensed fishing vessels increased to 86.7% (up 20% compared to September 2022); Vessels fitted with VMS reached 28,739 out of 29,827, increasing to 96.35% (up by 1.06% compared to September 2022).

In the coming time, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has also launched a number of key tasks to continue to remove the EC’s yellow card.
Specifically tasks are as follows:
On fleet management: To make statistics and classification of all existing fishing vessels; to complete registration, marking, licensing, installation of VMS for 100% of fishing vessels, monitoring of all fishing vessels when operating at sea; to closely monitor high-risk fishing vessels involved in IUU; to inspect and control 100% of fishing vessels entering and exiting at border posts; to develop a mechanism to control fishing vessels moving outside the province; to fully and regularly update the data on the system.
On law enforcement: To effectively prevent and terminate fishing vessels involved in IUU fishing abroad; to coordinate forces to carry out patrols, inspection, and strictly handle 100% of violating fishing vessels; To verify and handle 100% of fishing vessels that do not maintain VMS connection; To investigate and handle 100% of foreign fishing vessels seized; To handle 100% of cases of IUU fishing in foreign waters and publish information on the mass media; To update 100% of results of handling administrative violations on the software system.
Regarding traceability: Confirming and certifying the origin of exploited aquatic products in accordance with regulations; 100% of export shipments to the EU and other need traceability records according to regulations; supervise 100% of fishery output caught locally; 100% of fishing vessels of 15m length or more must come to the designated port for loading.